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Latin American Student Organization (LASO)


The Latin American Student Organization (LASO)’s purpose is to increase the interest and awareness of all students to the Latin culture, to be active in the Hispanic community through Volunteer activities, and to encourage diversity on the UT campus.

Mission Statement:
We, at LASO, believe that we can connect Latinx students to empower them and give them a voice. LASO is an organization in which Latinx students and the Latin American community in Knoxville can speak openly about issues concerning Latin Americans today. It is about building solidarity, community, and discussing the unique experience that is being a Latin American in college. We welcome all allies with the interest in learning and respecting our culture.

Our Focus:
-Educating People on the Hispanic Culture
-Reaching out to the Hispanic community on and off campus
-Uniting the Hispanic community with others

Executive Board:

  • President: Andrea Faggioli
  • Vice President: Itzanami Sotelo
  • Secretary: Jacqueline Gonzalez
  • Treasurer: Alfredo Vasquez
  • Public Relations: Samantha Avila and Luciana Vasquez
  • Event Coordinator: Fresia Garcia

To join or learn more about LASO, follow us on Instagram (@laso_utknoxville) or email us at!

Advisor: Daniel Dominguez, Coordinator

LASO Brochure