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The Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP) is an organization dedicated to aiding first-year students of color in making a successful transition to life on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Our mission is to provide personal support and assistance, social guidance, and positive campus survival skills to first-year students of color. In 1986, Helen Mayes created the Minority Advisors Program (MAP) after seeing a strong need for a program as this on our campus. Since its inception, MAP has made a positive difference in the lives of the students who have participated in the program. MAP has gone through many changes in an effort to stay in tune with the changing times, one being updating its name to Minority Achievement Program. Most importantly, MAP strives to stay true to its principal goal of supplying needed support and assistance for students of color on this campus. Throughout the years, the profile of students of color has changed here at The University of Tennessee, and our program has been successful in constantly changing to meet the needs of our students. It is with this goal in mind that our organization elected to again change its name to the Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP) in spring of 2013. We hope that this initiative will help us continue our efforts in serving our student population.

MMP members are upperclassmen students of color, that have found success during their university experience, and have a great desire to help guide students new to this community in finding their own success and reaching the goals and aspirations that they have brought with them to the University. They are energetic, driven and are committed to helping their fellow students find success during their tenure at this institution. Our goal is to help facilitate academic and social growth in the students we support, so that they can be successful, and in turn, assist other students who come after them. More importantly, we want to see our friends graduate!