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Carl Cowan Scholarship 2016-2017 Recipients

Jada Blackwell
Class of 2019
Accounting major with minor in Journalism
Hometown: Cleveland, TN

Jada Blackwell is currently a freshman at the University of Tennessee She is pursuing a degree in Accounting with a minor in Journalism. During her first year at UT, she joined National Association of Black Accountants where she was on the membership development team. She also joined her Residents Hall Association and was named President. During her spring semester, she worked as an office assistant in Humes Hall and she hopes to become a Resident Assistant for the 2016-2017 year. Also, Jada recently became a member of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Jada is passionate about leadership, making an impact on others, and the Tennessee Vols! She is determined to make the most of her time at UT.

Neshea Cundiff
Class of 2017
Social Work with a concentration in Evidence Based Practice
Hometown: Burlington, NC

Neshea Cundiff is a graduate student at the University of Tennessee pursing a degree in Social Work, with a concentration in Evidence Based Interpersonal Practice.  She was born and raised in Burlington, NC, where she was first exposed to the mental health field by a psychology teacher while in high school. From then on she knew she wanted to explore mental health and apply the knowledge gained from school and internship opportunities to her future practice as a psychotherapist in private practice.

In the future Neshea is also dedicated to providing service to African Americans with mental illnesses and areas who are in need of social workers. In terms of research Neshea has shown interest in conducting research involving behavior response to race. She has conducted and replicated research regarding attitudes toward police brutality as related to race and prediction of behavior response to racism.  Both research papers have been conducted and presented while she was pursuing a Bachelors in Psychology, at Coastal Carolina University.

Although new to Knoxville, Neshea has been active in the community and is always looking for her next endeavor. If given the opportunity after she graduates, she would like to make Knoxville her new home.

Kaylyn Harris
Class of 2017
Advertising major with a minor in Business Administration
Hometown: Bartlett, TN

“I was raised in the city of Bartlett, Tennessee within a single – parent household. As a junior at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication; I have focused my studies upon Advertising as a major with a minor in Business Administration. I currently have a 3.19/4.0 Grade Point Average and I am involved within seven (7) organizations upon campus.

Personally, I take pleasure in various forms of creative expression through visual arts, such as designing, drawing, and painting. I appreciate the technical skills and diligent nature of artistic creation and the calming effect that I embody as I craft pieces of artwork. I have had my artwork presented and displayed within various venues, such as The Memphis Board of Education and The Memphis International Airport. I adore the happiness that overcomes me as I complete a portrait or creation and seeing the astonished expressions on others’ faces when I reveal my artwork to them. Through my love for creative expression and critical thinking, I was led to the College of Communication and Information and selected Advertising as a major and a future profession – which was not a difficult decision.

Here, at the University, the coursework that I have completed through the College of Communication and Information has provided a solid foundation of the creative elements, research theories, and marketing strategies associated with Advertising and Business Administration. Academically, I continue to strive to take full advantage of the unique resources that the University has provided, such as OIT Photoshop courses to educate myself on Adobe Creative Suite. As a result of this proactive learning, I now have a working knowledge of creative design elements, such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator that have developed my creative approach to design.

In regards to educational goals and professional aspirations, I have a plethora of educational accomplishments that I wish to acquire before the completion of my undergraduate education at The University of Tennessee. To begin, I am working vigorously within my courses in hopes that upon my graduation in May of 2017 that I will be presented with the scholastic honor of Cum Laude from my Academic college. Moreover, another personal ambition is to be presented with the highest Chancellor Honor, The Torchbearer Award. The Torchbearer Award has been one of my academic goals since I arrived upon the campus in Fall of 2013 and I hope to be one day be presented with this honor. Professionally, I am working towards acquiring an Internship within the growing city of New York for Summer 2016 that will potentially lead to various networking opportunities and real world experience. Looking towards the near future, after I graduate from the College of Communication with my Bachelors, I plan to begin working within a notable Advertising agency in hopes of cultivating my skill sets to work for my dream agency, Wieden + Kennedy.

Overall, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunities and that I have been offered during my undergraduate academic term here at the university and I am thankful for the magnitude of experiences that are beginning to reveal themselves daily.”

Dana Winfrey
Class of 2019
Hometown: Covington, TN

“My name is Dana Winfrey and I am a freshman here at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am a nursing major pursuing a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing. I aspire to be a Nurse Anesthetist because I absolutely love helping others and making people feel comfortable. I was born and raised in Covington, TN, a small city in West Tennessee. In my spare time I love to hang out with friends, watch movies, and try new foods. I really enjoy being involved in clubs that UT has to offer. I am ecstatic to be a part of three branches of the Student Government Association: First Year Council, Diversity Affairs, and Academic Affairs. I am also involved in Student Nurses Association and the Multicultural Mentoring Program. Being involved in these various clubs has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people whom I have built friendships with, and makes UT feel just like home to me. When I am not enjoying spare time or busy with clubs, I am diligently working hard in my classes. A quote that continuously inspires me to be great is from Mahatma Gandhi,

Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever‘.”