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Heather Hall

Graduate Research Assistant


Heather is a native of Corydon, Indiana. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with collateral in Economics, and a minor in Leadership Studies from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2018. During her time in undergraduate school, she developed her passion for serving others, realizing that she enjoyed guiding, championing, and encouraging individuals during their formative college experience. After she received her degree, Heather moved to Orlando, Florida, to live out one of her dreams of working at Walt Disney World as a character attendant. During her time in Florida she realized that she missed the environment, the mentorship, and the community of a university setting.

This led Heather to return to her alma mater to pursue a Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel.  She is eager to work with students again, ready to help them survive and thrive during their time at the University of Tennessee. She is excited to be a Graduate Research Assistant for the Office of Multicultural Student Life; because she has an immense passion for helping students navigate their way throughout their college experience, assisting them find their areas of passion, and enabling her students with the tools on how to change the environment around them.

Heather is a raging feminist, dedicated to helping individuals fight oppression; challenging the status quo that has become routine and acceptable, with the radical ideology that every individual deserves an equal and opportune chance.  In her free time, Heather loves to paint, practicing calligraphy, and cosmetology. Heather has felt inspired by the following quote to live a bold life, speaking up and challenging the world for a better change:

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”
– Angela Davis